What we cover in the curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Children at our Preschool are valued as individuals and are encouraged to care for and respect themselves and others. They are guided to express their feelings appropriately and gain independence in a variety of ways. They concentrate both on solo tasks and in group activities with adults and children. We nurture their natural enthusiasm to learn about and explore the world around them.

Physical Development:

We promote children’s development including balance, co-ordination and confidence in movement. The emphasis is always on “fun”. Fine motor skills are practiced with construction, jigsaws etc to result in careful and precise manipulation of tools e.g. pencils and scissors. We promote a healthy lifestyle and give children the skill and time to make good choices.


They become familiar with books and learn that the written word carries meaning. They are given opportunities to write letters and words and recognise their sound and purpose. A love of books is encouraged with drama and inventive play.


With the guidance of adults the children practise a variety of early mathematical skills. They learn terminology for shape, size, volume, number position etc. They become aware of mathematical sequences through games songs and rhymes.

Communication and Language:

By talking and listening, with rhymes and songs, the children extend their vocabulary and fluency in speech and understanding.

Understanding of the World:

Children are presented with a range of materials and experiences to stimulate their interest in the world around them. They learn the properties of objects and substance. With safe and well-maintained equipment they can experiment with modern technology. Outings provide new opportunities for wider experiences.

Expressive Art and Design:

Children are able to experience the joy of creating, expression in many ways. They are provided with a wide variety of art and craft materials and opportunity to participate in imaginative games, music and dance.

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