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Skills Are Learnt Through Play
  • Table/Floor Toys
  • Outdoor Games
  • Sand Play
  • Slides
  • Play Dough
  • Building Blocks
  • Water Play
  • Reading books


“Staff are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable about how children learn. They provide children with a good range of activities to engage and motivate them. Children are kind and caring towards one another and behave well. Staff are positive role models and this helps to create a relaxed and homely environment where children settle happily” OFSTED 2018

Anne Young

Deputy Manager

Debbie Williams

Preschool Assistant

Theresa Penson

Preschool Assistant

Debbie Peacock

Preschool Assistant

Catherine Thomas

Preschool Assistant

What parents say

Testimonials About Badger Farm Playgroup

Thank you so much for all your efforts. You have been such an amazing teacher to my kids. Thank you so much for all your kindness, support, efforts and thoughtfulness, thank you for being so approachable and helpful. You helped my kids develop and helped me be a better parent. And a huge well done for helping Grace turn a massive corner.

Rachel Day

Rachel Day

Grace's mum

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help William become more confident. I feel he is ready for school and this is down to you for being aware of his needs and next steps. He will miss you so much.

Harry Smith

Harry Smith

William's dad

Thank you for all your love and support over the many years Eve and Ella have been at Badger Farm. You truly are a special person. We will all miss you. Keep doing what you do and give other young lives the best possible start.

Anna Wood

Anna Wood

Eve & Ella's mum

Thank you so much for looking after and developing Harriett the last couple of years. Thanks to you she is the best behaved, kindest and loveliest little girl in the world. She has absolutely loved coming to Badger Farm from the start and I know she will really miss you all. All the staff have been amazing and I couldn’t rave about you all enough. We really appreciate your hard work.

Holly Chapman

Holly Chapman

Harriett's mum

It was lovely to see Emily happily interacting with others with a broad smile covering his face. Staff are attentive, supportive and get involved with all the children. There is so much for the children to do both indoors and out.

Emma Parker

Emma Parker

Emily's mum


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